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0004772Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handlingpublic2011-07-21 12:402011-07-28 10:00
Captain Ford 
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0004772: Dwarf gets sick while handling animal, other dwarfs won't help him to a bed because he is still handling the animal
A forgotten beast syndrome hit my fort hard years ago, and occasionally strikes again at random. It causes swelling of the feet, nausea, extreme pain and quickly causes unconsciousness -- but it isn't fatal.

While hauling a cavy sow to my new pasture, Kulet Tunomvucar was struck by the illness and fell unconscious before he could finish the job.

Now I'm getting these messages: "Urist cancels recover wounded: handling dangerous animal". But none of the dwarves cancelling the task are hauling animals. It appears they are cancelling the job because Kulet is still handling the cavy sow.
1. Have a hospital
2. Have dwarves with the "Recover Wounded" labor enabled
Now for the tricky part:
3. Wait for a forgotten beast with poisonous blood. Kill it and let some of your dwarves walk in it.
4. Assign the infected dwarves to animal hauling and queue up a bunch of jobs hauling large animals from a pasture on one side of your fort to the other
5. Cross your fingers that the FB syndrome will knock dwarves unconscious rather than kill them
6. When a dwarf is knocked unconscious while handling an animal, begins "Rest"ing, and someone else tries to haul him to a bed, you should receive the message "Urist cancels Recover Wounded: Handling Dangerous Animal"

Reproducing the bug might be more easily accomplished by modding in a syndrome with the same effects on a more common creature -- say horses -- slaughtering them and then assigning animal haulers to haul animals back and forth across the blood-stained ground.
My game is slightly modded -- I'm playing as a race of bears. Aside from changing names, body size, ages, ethics (eat sapient kill=acceptable) and allowed equipment.
Save file is here: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4704 [^]

Probably related to 0004219. The cancellation message produced is identical to that produced when a sheriff is trying to take a criminal to jail, but the criminal is tied up with a job he can't (or won't) cancel.
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Captain Ford   
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Update: Kubul eventually made it to my hospital after about another page and a half of job cancellations. It looks like either the cavy sow wandered off on its own (unlikely) or someone else came and took it away from Kubul. Since the job was no longer assigned to him once he fell unconscious, it makes sense that it would be assigned to another dwarf who would come and take it away from him.