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0004774: Water flowing over a stack of armor makes most of the armor disappear
My entire militia (10 dwarves) was taken out by a forgotten beast breathing deadly dust. They were each wearing full suits of masterwork steel armor. Once I got my fort stabilized, I decided to try washing the nigh-omnipresent extract off of the armor, which I had managed to reclaim. I set up a narrow tunnel next to a murky pool, with all the armor dumped in a pile in the middle. At the end of the tunnel opposite the pool, there was a grate draining one Z-level into a larger room. I breached the murky pool and let the water flow. The extract washed onto the walls, as expected, but when I checked the washed armor, I found only three pieces (a mail shirt, a breastplate, and a shield) out of ten full suits of armor. The rest had simply vanished; they were gone from the stocks screen as well.
I'm unsure if this only happens when items are contaminated and cleaned, or if it's a more general issue with flow.
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duplicate of 0000895resolved Toady One Items disappear (become invisible) after getting pushed by flowing water, burning in magma, or encased in ice 
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Duplicate of 0000895.
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Sure looks like it. Good catch, Quietust.