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0004776Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Petspublic2011-07-22 10:272012-04-05 00:38
Hieronymous Alloy 
0004776: Tame flying animals won't fly.
Tamed flying pets won't fly, but remain earthbound. Not a huge issue, but it's sad to see all those tame giant eagles dragging their tailfeathers in the mud instead of flying free. Do dwarves clip their wings? How cruel!
Buy a tamed giant eagle from the caravan and watch it not fly.
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related to 0002285new  Traders from civs with [FLIER] cannot trade 
related to 0002286new  Creatures with [FLIER] have problems pathing to jobs that require them to fly. 
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I first observed this in version 0.31.12, and it made me sad. Tame fliers definitely flied back in 40d, as mentioned in some of the tales of Flarechannel.
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related to 0002286: Creatures with [FLIER] have problems pathing to jobs that require them to fly.