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0004806: Non-empty buckets can be used to construct ashery and well
i have a lot of half used buckets around in my fort (4 globs of water in it etc from hospital use) those buckets my be used again for feeding thirsty patients but cant be used for custom reactions or custom buildings (like soap maker) but can be freely used for the ashery

maybe hard coded bucket use without the [empty] tag? but in general its more then annoying you cannt clean/clear buckets of the water :/
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related to 0001324resolved Toady One buckets full of water were used to produce lye 
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The part about water buckets being usable by the ashery is 0001324.
2011-08-06 11:34   
i meant the building itself actually, so its kinda related :x
Knight Otu   
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Non-empty buckets being able to be used to build the ashery (and wells, apparently) is mentioned in the notes for 0001324, but it might be good to have a separate report for it.

Edit - The dyer's shop might also be possible to build with filled buckets. That one needs testing.