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0004869Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2011-08-30 13:592012-03-05 15:53
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0004869: Immobilized dwarves not taken to hospital
Despite many "no job" dwarves and a specific nurse dwarf assigned only to healthcare, 2 dwarves that were injured and immobilized in combat in a cave are not being recovered and taken to hospital. NB. Hospital was "zoned" after the dwarves received their injuries. There are many idle dwarved who have "recover wounded" enabled.
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duplicate of 0004850new  Injured Dwarves who are unable to stand are not recovered unless unconscious 
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The immobilized dwarves aren't in a burrow that the no job dwarves are not allowed to access, are they?

Possibly a duplicate of 0004850

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Reminder sent to: banick

Do you remember if your situation for this report had burrows involved?

I've made the issue a child of 0004850 because of your hospital zoning after the injuries, but if the burrows fixed your situation, this issue can be resolved.
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No real info on this one, so I'm resolving as duplicate.