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0004873Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Eating/Drinkingpublic2011-09-01 08:542012-03-05 08:53
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0004873: Injured Dwarf refuses to eat/drink
A was dwarf injured in a cave-in and is now unable to stand. Since he's still conscious, no "recover wounded" job was ever created, so he is still in the caverns. (Possibly related to an existing bug I am experiencing, [0004850]).

He has since slowly and intermittently (going on break at one point)climbed a dozen tiles away from where he fell, but is now thirsty and starving. I moved some food and drink next to him with stockpiles, and when that didn't work I used quantum dumping to place the food and drink directly onto his tile (and reclaimed the dumped food items.) He still will not eat or drink, and still generates no recover wounded task, though as mentioned that may be a separate bug.
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duplicate of 0004850new  Injured Dwarves who are unable to stand are not recovered unless unconscious 
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