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0004893: "Soldier (Cannot follow order)" Status for military dwarves on duty after canceling "move" order that could not be completed.
I made a danger room for my squad that was just large enough to fit 10 people (2x5)and assigned multiple move orders inside of the danger room. Once my dwarves got there, I noticed a few of them got stuck in the bottle-neck entrance and wouldn't enter the room. I re-assigned a new order inside hoping they would enter but they remained stuck in the entrance. I canceled the order and it seemed they all went back to doing what they we're before (pickup equipment, spar, train, move to stockpile). Some dwarves though when reassigned to active/training, did some weird things like picking up their equipment then dumping it in non-stockpile locations, usually in the barracks, and either proceeded back into the danger room or to some other random location with the "Soldier(Cannot follow Order)" status, preventing them from training. They follow orders just fine it appears, but they will not train with the "Soldier" status.
Create squad, assign them to a room with a tiny entrance that is too small multiple times, then cancel the order.
They perform kill and move tasks fine yet won't train when Active duty.
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duplicate of 0002796resolved Toady One Soldiers often cannot follow their orders. 
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What weapons are they using?
Are they all in the same squad?
Have you assigned that squad to train at a Barracks?
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All in all, this is encompassed by and has ongoing discussion in 0002796, which is already a child of 0000428.

MightyRavenDark, please upload a save to http://dffd.wimbli.com, [^] post a link in 0002796 and continue discussion there.