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0004894Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Generalpublic2011-09-12 18:092011-09-12 19:14
0004894: Free Items at Depot
Deleting depot while caravan is present causes all items to be dropped.
While setting up an underground fortress the caravan arrived. I hadn't build the depot where I wanted it, so I built one to be temporary on the surface. I finished trading and ordered the depot to be destroyed, having cleared the area where I wanted the real one by then. The dwarfs ended the old depot, but before the merchants had left. Eventually the caravan left and I noticed a caged sheep where the old depot was. Certain I hadn't bought one, I looked at other items and saw more things I hadn't traded for.

Unsure how this affects the next years caravan.
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duplicate of 0000293resolved Toady One Deconstructing trade depot gives you the traders' items 
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Duplicate of 0000493, which isn't even a bug.

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