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0004904Dwarf FortressContaminants/Spatterpublic2011-09-25 09:222014-08-13 13:21
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0004904: Creatures can retain spatters on body parts that are gone/severed/removed
I have a dwarf here who has been missing his whole left arm since quite a while. Whenever he gets water on him, I can see in his inventory both "water covering (left hand)" and "water covering (right hand)". That also applies for his upper/lower arm and fingers.
Get a war amputee and march him/her through water.
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Related to 0002222?
2012-05-25 20:49   
I can confirm this appears in adventure mode in 0.34.09. I have a human adventurer who lost their right lower arm and hand to a sturgeon, and then fought a werehyena several days later.

My inventory currently shows coatings of my own blood on the first, third and fourth fingers of the missing hand, and "werehyena blood covering" on the same hand, which should be impossible.

Swimming across a river afterwards put water coverings on all body parts EXCEPT the missing hand, and failed to remove the bugged blood coverings.
2014-08-05 11:08   
Cosinus had this 40.06 save from 0007854:
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9298 [^]