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0004912Dwarf FortressMap Featurespublic2011-10-02 04:242011-12-07 09:53
MaDeR Levap 
0004912: Placing farm plot on hidden areas allows detection of underground plants
It is possible to discover what is underground without actually digging with help of farm/road/zone designations. This includes discovering spoliers.
This topic describes this bug in more details:
http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=93694.0 [^]
After embark, b-p, make max width and height and go down. Your farm plot will change shape, if there are any caverns or other farmable features on this z-level in this place.
Paved roads and zones can be used to determine height where it is safe to mine out adamantine. This takes risk of digging said bluemetal away. I think this is sufficiently serious bug to warrant fixing it ASAP, before next release.
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