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0004914: Flasks not named/stockpiled according to contents
When a bin, barrel, or bag is filled with a particular item, its name changes to reflect its contents (e.g. "dwarven wine Barrel (pine)", "Weapon Bin (alder)", "gypsum plaster Bag (rope reed)"); however, flasks do not exhibit this behavior, despite being the primary storage vessel for animal extracts and golden salve.

Similarly (possibly even because of the above), extract-bearing flasks are stored in Finished Goods stockpiles as if they were empty, rather than in Food stockpiles that permit their contents. This effectively makes the Plant/Creature Extracts sections meaningless except for Gnomeblight (which is extracted into barrels) and extract barrels purchased from caravans (which are mostly useless anyways).

This has been the case since pretty much forever - it definitely happened back in, and I believe it was also a problem back in the old 2D versions.
This problem was also mentioned in 0004268, though it was marked as a duplicate of another bug based on a different part of its description.

0004229 is a more recent variant of this bug, though restricted to tools.

Non-empty buckets don't get named according to their contents either, but they do still get stockpiled correctly.
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Something similar can happen with barrels of extracts (including blood) acquired from merchants in cold climates - the extracts freeze and turn into globs, and the barrels are no longer named according to their contents (though they seemingly get stockpiled as if they were filled with fat or tallow).