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0000492Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Noblespublic2010-04-05 10:542010-06-09 06:47
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0000492: Noble jobs completely disappear after entire fort is entirely recruited and nearly killed
So a forgotten beast shows up on my doorstep and proceeds to slaughter my base. Me, panicking, set the entire base into army mode. This turned out to be a good solution, as if I hadn't, the entire fort probably would have fallen. However, among that number included the current nobility: Expedition leader, bookkeeper, chief medical dwarf, and so on.

Once I re-checked my nobility to reassign my chief medidwarf, all that was on the list were militia dwarves and the arsenal dwarf, who had not died.
1. Assign nobles to military duty
2. Have them get killed
3. Check your nobility screen
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duplicate of 0000141closed Toady One After death of expedition leader or mayor (any noble), positions disappear from nobles screen and can't be appointed or replaced 
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