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0000495Dwarf FortressCave-inspublic2010-04-05 11:192012-03-06 08:00
0000495: Massive embark cave-in causes game to lock up for 10+ minutes
The game locks up on the "Strike the Earth" screen when i press enter. I've tried embarking on different sites in this world, but this particular spot always locks up.
1. Load included world save file.
http://gau.twinight.net/dwarf%20fortress/Embark%20Screen%20Lockup%20World.rar [^]
2. Start new fortress
3. Embark on location shown on
http://gau.twinight.net/dwarf%20fortress/Embark%20Lockup%20Location.png [^]

4. Press "Play Now!"
5. Strike the earth, press enter... game locks up?
Game save file is
http://gau.twinight.net/dwarf%20fortress/Embark%20Screen%20Lockup%20World.rar [^]
embark location is
http://gau.twinight.net/dwarf%20fortress/Embark%20Lockup%20Location.png [^]
announcements, collapse, embark
duplicate of 0000051resolved Footkerchief Cavern collapse at embark 
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2010-04-05 11:22   
I'm downloading the save, but how much memory does your computer have, and how large an embark profile do you typically use?
2010-04-05 11:50   
(edited on: 2010-04-05 11:51)
Computer has a little less than 1 gig of ram. The embark profile as shown on the screenshot, is 2x2. Like i said, I've had no problem embarking on other 2x2s in this save.

2010-04-05 13:10   
Lock up confirmed and I have a reason for it.

I have "pause on embark" enabled so this allowed me to get a step further than you. I also have "save on embark" enabled so it saved me a bit of time in reproducing it.

Essentially, what's going on, is that there is an ENORMOUS collapse at the start of the game. EVERY cavern is opened up at once, all the stones you find are announced, there are a bunch of pause announcements that are supposed to show up... in fact, so much stuff going on the game locked up for >10 minutes on my 2.4 ghz processor and 4 gigs of ram laptop.

I discovered this upon looking at the game log, and noting >20 pages of announcements relating to struck stones, gems, and caverns.
2010-04-05 15:58   
I should note, Footkerchief, that while I said there's a collapse, there no record in the game logs of "A section of the cavern has collapsed!".

I'm thinking the "collapse" message may come at the end of the lockup, or that there's something else at play here. Not really sure.

I'll see if the lockup works itself out eventually by letting it run for a while.
king doom   
2010-04-05 16:13   
I've seen reports of this kind of thing, but not as bad. Apparently there are plants in the caverns that spawn in midair, and when gravity catches up to them, BOOM! Try checking things out with reveal, there's a working version out now I think.
2010-04-05 16:18   
14 minutes now on letting it run.

It's not JUST plants that are collapsing. Literally the ENTIRE underground world is being revealed, from the HFS to every single stone. Most of the collapse related bugs only zoom to the underground as a hunk collapses, but this... it's like, there's a sinkhole that opens up to the core of the earth.

If I had a supercomputer, I'd be visiting this place in adventure mode. As it stands, if it's still locked up after an hour, I'll find a nice place to upload the text log, for demonstration purposes, then reveal the hell out of the sucker.
2010-04-05 16:38   
(edited on: 2010-04-05 16:49)

The lockup resolved itself (or mostly resolved itself - I have a popup now in any case)
Time - somewhere between 25 minutes and 30 minutes. I just noticed it working now. CPU at 70 degrees C and GPU at 80.

DF currently consuming 0 CPU and 180 mb of ram.

Oh, and at the VERY end of all the announcements? A section of the cavern has collapsed.

Now to take a look at what's down here...

Edit: Map uploaded to http://mkv25.net/dfma/map-8387-tundralances [^] for anyone interested in exactly what the first few layers look like now.

2010-04-06 07:27   
Doing some more testing with this area - the cavein doesn't start if you embark on a 4x4 around the same 2x2 point.

The problem starts 46 Z-levels down, where the Magma sea has two completely empty floors above it.

So for some reason, on this embark, the magma sea isn't being generated with any rock around it...
2010-04-06 07:55   
(edited on: 2010-04-06 07:57)
This just sounds so epic! I really want to see this, I'm just not so sure I want to torture my poor aging laptop with this file. Thankfully the map you uploaded of this titanic event sated my curiosity about the matter. Thanks very muchly!

2010-04-06 08:19   
http://mkv25.net/dfma/map-8397-postsystemsspoilers [^] is the map pre-collapse, just FYI.
2010-04-15 08:58   
"...where the Magma sea has two completely empty floors above it. "

Might this be related to other world gen open space weirdness such as this:
http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=1008 [^]
2010-04-18 23:07   
(edited on: 2010-04-18 23:08)
I can confirm that cave-ins occur on some maps when you embark on them. I've had two occasions with "A section of the cavern has collapsed" at the start of the game. No slowdowns or lockups though, so my cave-ins have most likely been a lot smaller.

2010-07-25 15:50   
Toast024 from the forums provided this save dealing with another world with a floating cavern system that collapses on embark.

"The first cavern level is floating above ground.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2820 [^]
It caves in as soon as you get there."
http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=62409.0 [^]
MaDeR Levap   
2010-08-02 13:26   
This could be fixed simply by assuming that edge of map counts as support for natural walls.
2010-08-02 13:54   
The edge of map does support natural walls, doesn't it? In arena mode it does.