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0005003: Some Maps Run Super Fast - Some Super Slow
I have 2 maps currently saved.

One is a Medium world where I have a huge fortress with 70 dwarfs and a huge underground mining complex. It runs perefectly at 100 FPS with no slow down at all.

I made a Small world where I have 7 dwarfs and a tiny fortress. This ran at 20-30 FPS straight from starting.

I have a good Quad-core PC with 8 Gig ram. The slowdown is the same with all tile-sets and FPS settings on the small map, but perfect on the medium map.

Could this just be a random bug with the world generator?

There was a "Cave in" message as soon as the game started. Could the game be calculating cave in mechanics behind the scenes non-stop?

Not sure!
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duplicate of 0000051resolved Footkerchief Cavern collapse at embark 
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There is probably an underground waterfall, that is, water in one cave level draining into a chasm and off the map in the next cavern level.

dfhack can be used to reveal the map and check for such occurrence.
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The bug aspects of this are covered by 0000051. Aside from that, it's expected that some maps will run faster than others due to environmental features (especially falling water).