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0005004Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Environmentpublic2012-01-02 17:102012-01-02 18:38
PCWindows Vista/7N/A
0005004: Inside Fortresses Gain Cavern Features When breaking to caverns
Every time I break into a cavern. My inside fortresses seem to start growing cavern features. I don't know if this migrates cavern crawlers into your fort or not.

Features Include:
-Cave Moss
-Mushrooms and Shrubs and such
-Cave Crawlers (?)
-Dig Down to a cavern and breach it.
-Watch as your fortress grows cavern features.
Would like to know if others get this bug.
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duplicate of 0000160resolved Footkerchief Subterranean plants grow on any underground soil 
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