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0005020: Hunter looping on Store item in bin, Pickup Equipment, rinse/repeat
This hunter can't get started. All he does is get a quiver, sometimes fill it with bolts, then store it somewhere. And if he picks up a crossbow eventually he goes and puts it back too. He -will not- start to hunt. Really -no-one- will this game but I've been focusing on this guy. I seriously have not seen the green "H" indicating hunting reports a single time this whole embark (thirteen years) but this specific hunter is doing this specific thing instead. I'll investigate further if necessary or provide my save if I can (couldn't get it uploaded to the dwarf fortress file base thing last time I was asked to, but I will try)

Every time I check this hunter he's either doing Store item in bin or Pickup Equipment. Right now he's storing a crossbow he ought to be happy with (I'm not making new, more valuable crossbows or quivers, or anything like that) and he's wearing an empty quiver he'll probably store next. -One- time I found him with a quiver loaded with bolts but he left it somewhere.

His only labours are all Hunting/Related and all Healthcare. I figured he could be a nurse while he's failing to hunt but it turns out he's actually very busy while not hunting, busy moving my quivers and bows around. WTF, friends?
I actually have no idea. I embarked without a hunter so I started off with no hunting and that turned out to be a comforting certainty for the rest of my fort's life: no-one has ever started hunting in spite of thousands of available bolts and arrows and a ton of quivers, crossbows and bows available. So I guess just do everything right for your hunters and see if they start to loop
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duplicate of 0004062resolved Footkerchief Hunters who are also in the military don't train or pick up equipment 
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2012-01-12 14:52   
Is the hunter also part of the military?
2012-01-12 16:39   
He's a marksdwarf and I assumed that would be -better- although if he was melee and hunting I could imagine a problem where he kept switching weapons. Well, I'll un-enlist him. I guess this is a dupe, eh?

Thank you!

Something funny happened to him at least

7th Galena, 173, Late Summer

Iton Duthnurkadol, Hunter: No Job (Chained)

Yay! The threw the looping fuck in jail

What did he do, other than non-commitally fondle all the crossbows and quivers?

Violation of Production Order. Yeah I saw a mandate that'd made it to bright
red and I didn't check what it was for. So they picked that silly broken
hunter as the responsible party and now he's got 46 days to think about

2012-01-12 16:41   
"That puts The Crystalline Kin at only five strong. It'll be a month and a
half before we can see if that worked"
2012-01-12 17:05   
flamoot, although I appreciate your update to the report, the mandate punishment is entirely unrelated, and your second note was unnecessary.

This is definitely related or duplicate to one of the bugs regarding military and hunter equipment problems although perhaps not perfectly identical. Try following the suggestions for fixing the bug in 0004062 (specifically undrafting/un-uniforming your hunter, or un-huntering your marksdwarf) and report back, or upload your save to the DFFD.
2012-01-12 17:54   
(edited on: 2012-01-12 18:09)
Only noting to apologize. I understand this is sort of the same transgression I'm apologizing for.

My second note was of course to let you know it'll be a few hours until I can tell if that helped.


(Oh heck, let me go ahead and characteristically say more. I'll let you see the notes I can find about that hunter while I was wondering what was wrong and it might provide more information on whether or not this is a dupe

Iton, Hunter, is doing Pickup Equipment. His only labour is Hunting.
Enabling all Healthcare. He has a rhinoceros bone crossbow but no quiver.
Sigh -- let's toggle his hunting and see if he'll pick both up after

Oh that hunter I disabled at it was doing pickup equipment for some reason
when his only labours were healthcare. What's he picking up, a scalpel? I
turned hunting back on and I'll follow him by hand (I added a suggestion for
a 'follow dwarf' auto-center mode because it would obviate the need)

He just put away his quiver for some reason and now he's storing a copper

... and now he's going to store his trousers. He's taken them off already
and is carrying them, pantsless, through the fort. So this is how my hunters
have been behaving.

Three [a hopeful moment]
Ooh! That Hunter whose hunting I cycled and, last time we checked, took his
pants off and went to stash them somewhere, has equipped a quiver and
-filled- it with bolts, good! Finally. He's doing "pickup equipment". I bet
he's picking up a crossbow!

Iton the only titled Hunter is storing item in bin, a clear glass vial for
some reason

Back to Iton

Pickup Equipment

Come on, man... hunt

He no longer -has- that quiver full of bolts, meaning he ditched it when I
wasn't looking. THEN HOW WILL HE HUNT?! Oh man, what's wrong with my hunters
this game

Iton the Hunter has exchanged his bolt-filled quiver for a new empty one. He
is still picking up equipment and still has no crossbow. God

Seven [growing unease]
Now he's equipped a -bow- in his left hand but he's -hauling- his quiver to
store item in bin. Is he just looping this way? -What- is wrong with my


Iton got rid of his bow -and- his quiver, -again-, and is doing Pickup
Equipment, -again-. Something is plain wrong

Eight [a rare glimpse of accurate intuition]
Note Iton was enlisted. [*]Maybe this is why[*] he's cycling about his equipment
when set to Inactive. Enlisted, he's a Marksdwarf, which makes sense since
he came as a hunter. But is he in a marksdwarf squad? Yes. Then in my
opinion he should be -more- likely to have the gear to hunt with, as an
enlisted marksdwarf. If his hunting gear was conflicting with melee gear he
was supposed to have I'd have a clue. But, nope

Guess what Iton the Hunter is hauling a troll fur quiver to a bin. He seems
to spend his whole life moving quivers and bows around between stockpiles.
Like he can't settle on one or basically otherwise does not know what to do.
How frustrating. But for now I have lots of tallow so there's spare time to
figure out what's wrong with my hunters and try to get some other dwarves to
do it, watch them closely, see if they do the same thing as Iton. It's a bug
in my embark if they do, I'm sure of it, not with my fort, because we're
drowning in bolts and arrows and have more than plenty of crossbows.

Damn it, I saw this Iton hunter carrying -tons- of ammo before but he left
it all somewhere. What's wrong with him? He has no labours other than
all Hunting/Related and all Healthcare. -What- is the problem

Eleven [wow, I waited a long time to bug-rep this guy]
Iton the Malfunctioning Hunter is -still- -forever- storing item in bin.

Bugrepped the bastard

The end
Thanks ilu, flamoot)

2012-01-12 18:09   
Why did he store his pants?!