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0005050: Adv Mode "get" menu not refreshing properly with TrueType
When you open the Get/Ground menu changing the page using / or * will leave an image of the previous page's text behind the newly brought up page. This makes it slightly difficult to view and distinguish menu items as all the text is running together.

This isn't a problem in corners of rooms or other times when you don't have the option of changing "Get/Ground" menu pages.

This may affect other menus that float over the game world view, meaning that menus like the inventory and interact menus don't have this issue.
Create an adventurer and push the "g" button to open the "Get/Ground" menu in place where the menu would have multiple pages and then use "/" or "*" to change the page. You should notice the ghosting of the previous page "under" or behind the new page's contents.
I tested this with multiple character in DF version 0.34.01
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2012-02-14 04:15   
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I discovered new information. When you change the zoom using the mouse wheel so that the "Get/Ground" menu appears in the upper left instead of the lower left portion of the screen the visual error described above happens.
However, zooming out so that you can see more of your surroundings and so that the g menu switches to the lower portion of the screen seems to prevent the "ghosting" effect.

2012-02-14 05:08   
Reminder sent to: Greendogo

What rendering mode are you using? Is TrueType enabled?
2012-02-14 13:54   
TrueType was set to the default of 24.
2012-02-14 14:45   
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What PRINT_MODE are you using in init.txt?
2012-02-14 21:35   
(edited on: 2012-02-14 21:53)
PRINT_MODE is set to 2D

Edit: Here's a link to a picture of what is going on-
http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e358/Greendogo/textghosting.jpg [^]

2012-02-16 07:29   
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Does disabling TrueType fix the problem?
2012-02-16 13:58   
Yes. Though, I wouldn't really say the problem is fixed if TrueType has to be turned off.
2012-02-16 14:16   
Reminder sent to: Baughn

Another TrueType bug.
2012-02-18 21:26   
Still happening in 0.34.02
2012-02-22 16:11   
Pressing F10 fixes it for that screenful, right?

What's happening is that adventure-mode is occasionally optimized to not overwrite text that needs no overwriting, 2D-mode always updates only screen areas that have changed, and neither piece of code accounts for TTF text becoming horizontally smaller than tiles.

I suppose I'll have it also refresh the tiles that "should" have been overwritten.
2012-02-23 15:02   
The actual bug was a bit more complicated.

Toady first draws eighty blank spaces to clear out the line, then draws the text on top of that. As an optimization, the TTF code only cares about the first tile of the text (it's "anchored" there), and when that's overwritten those eighty spaces never actually get drawn.

I changed the rendering to *always* draw spaces, which may then get overwritten by the actual text.