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0005096Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2012-02-14 21:382012-02-15 07:09
Windows ver 7 x64
0005096: World Gen takes a long time
I generally use the following settings:
World Size: Large
History: Medium
Num Civilizations: Very High
Max Num Sites: Very High
Num Beasts: Very Low
Savegery: Very Low
Mineral: Everywhere

Previous 0.31.25 would generate a world in probably a minute or two. The above settings in 0.34.01 take about 45 minutes or so.
Create New World! > [Use above settings] > y:Go!

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duplicate of 0003963resolved Toady One World Generation too slow 
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2012-02-14 22:20   
World gen is appallingly slow and hangs on a new high spec machine (i7) without even maxing a single core, and using only 850mb RAM. By c.240, it's nigh impossible to hit enter/esc to pause, although it will keep grinding through world gen whenever the app starts responding again. Simply pick Large Region and start generating to reproduce. Needs to at least be responsive enough to halt worldgen!