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0005116Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2012-02-15 07:432012-02-15 07:46
x64 Core i7Windows7
0005116: Militia chasing wrong enemy
I prefer to call this issue "attention deficit ooh shiny". Because that's what it is.

When I order my military to chase and kill a kobold thief, ANY animal nearby will distract them and go chase that animal as if it were their order. I have to re-order them to go chase the thief to have some chance of actually killing it.

This has already caused at least one dorf-baby to vanish to goblin lands and a few vary valuable items to make their way to raven's nests.
Make a militia, order them to kill a particular target on a map filled with other potential targets closer by.
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duplicate of 0000149resolved Toady One When ordered to attack, squads can get distracted chasing harmless animals 
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