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0005164Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Crimepublic2012-02-15 23:462014-07-14 09:04
Toady One 
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0005164: Vampiric gang leaders attack their own gang and are friendly toward the player
While exploring a castle dungeon, I came across the lair of a large band of batmen. About halfway into the fight where me and my companions made short work of their spearmen and blowgunners, their captain, a master blowgunner batwoman carrying tonnes of crafts made from her slain enemies but no blowgun, entered the room.

Then I notice anouncements about the master blowgunner attacking the other batmen, and after a while, her disguise is dropped and she's revealed to be a batwoman vampire. She keeps attacking her goons, and when I in the middle of the battle try talking with her, she responds friendly and happily tells me about the history of the gang. It's not until I accuse her of being a night creature that she turns hostile and attacks me, making the remaining fight a three-part battle between my team, the batmen and the vampire that should be the leader.
I could upload a save file, but the vampire is already dead there and I've done a bit of a travelling and combat afterwards, so the announcement logs should be wiped as well...
Fixed in 0.40.01?
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Toady One   
2012-02-20 17:17   
I've fixed some vampire allegiance bugs, but I can't be sure I've fixed this one. We can close it if it stops happening next time.
2012-02-28 11:29   
There's still some problems with this one.
Entered a human town where a vampire was residing in a residence with other humans (9xx kills) , after being acused of being a vampire and confessing she was inmediately attacked and killed by the peasants in that residence.

She was wearing tons of trophies also (basically spamming the message screen when losing them) And worst of all she had no chance against the peasants that "really" feared her...

There's definitely a lot to do here still , either vampires will live with their Thralls , alone and definitely should not carry around "tons" of trophies that slow them down to a crawl.

Another problem is also that they seem to have no good protection against weapons and can easily be killed :'(
2012-02-28 11:30   
Note : It was actually 3x peasants I think vs 1 vampire with almost 1000 kills...
2012-02-28 11:57   
malvado, it's not a bug for unrevealed vampires to live in houses with people who aren't members of their cult. Nor is it a bug for those people to attack the vampire once it's been revealed. This report is about vampires being attacked specifically by members of their gang.