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0005218Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Saving/Loadingpublic2012-02-17 06:382012-02-17 10:25
0005218: Crash on first save after embark
This has happened to me now twice in the last two embarks.

I embark and, when I press [ESC] -> "Save Game" the windows 7 "Dwarf Fortress has stopped working" crash prompt pops up and the game window disappears shortly thereafter.

The FIRST embark I did on 34.01 on this worldgen had no problems. The last two have both crashed at the first attempted save (with no save file being generated so I completely lose the embark location and fortress).
Try this:

Gen a world
embark in a location, play for a while (including saving and reentering)
abandon that fortress
close and restart DF
"start playing" dwarf mode in the same worldgen at a new location
see if you can save
The only mod interfacing with my game is v 0.6.11 of DwarfTherapist. DT was on last night for the first crash but was off for this morning's second crash
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duplicate of 0005114resolved Toady One Segfault/crash when trying to save game in both Fortress and Adventure modes 
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