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0005235Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2012-02-17 14:482012-02-17 15:10
0005235: Marksdwarves refuse to practice archery
In the first fort I set up, I noticed everyone had some marksdwarf skill, so I decided to set up a small militia with a bunch of marksdwarves. I supplied them properly with quivers, armor, bolts, and crossbows, gave them archery targets and had everything properly set up. But they refused to use the targets, showing "no activity" when I checked them out on the unit screen.

Seeing this as odd, I set up a small barracks. They immediately started demonstrations and individual training, still ignoring the targets I had so kindly set them up with.

I set up another fort quickly in another world with a marksdwarf in the party. I had the same results.
1) outfit a dwarf with the necessary equipment and assign him properly

2) build an archery target and assign his squad to it

3) watch as nothing happens
The dwarves included in the first fort range from adequate to great. I have bone bolts assigned for training and I have plenty of them.
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Just tried setting the bone bolts to training -and- combat. Still no luck. Gonna try making metal bolts. The old bug may have popped up again.