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0005286Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpilespublic2012-02-18 19:552012-03-29 12:51
Olith McHuman 
Toady One 
0005286: Some stone types cannot be disabled in z-stones menu
In 0.34.02, all problems with the z-stones menu were supposedly fixed. However, in my new fort, it appears that I cannot disable the use of jet or talc. Taking a closer look, it appears that all stone types without a reaction are missing. There are only 29 items on the list.

In other words:
Expected: All stone types can be mined and produce a bolder can be enabled / disabled at will. I.e. don't make mugs out of microcline.
Actual: Only stone types that can be used for something (smelting, plaster, flux, etc) show up.

Maybe this is intentional, but it seems like a break from the functionality that 0.31.x had.
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2012-02-18 19:58   
More general version of 0004173, which predominately refers to Kaolinite, a special stone without a reaction, whereas this one refers to all special stones without reactions.
2012-02-20 10:22   
This makes it impossible to set up a good way to craft uniformly colored furniture or magma-safe doors/mechanics.

I don't know if all the stones were removed on purpose, but it seems like a game-breaking bug to me.
2012-02-22 15:14   
I certainly hope it wasn't on purpose, as I also use the z-stones menu to globally dictate building materials.
2012-02-22 21:49   
DFHack now has a job-material command that can be used to tweak jobs in workshops to use specific stone, so once it is finally released for v0.34 you can use that to control what jobs use directly. I think that the game ui not supporting such precise selections even where the underlying engine does allow it is the real bug.