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0005344Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2012-02-20 16:122012-02-20 16:17
0005344: World Generation effectively halts or slows down to unacceptable levels for long histories
When you create a world and tell it to generate a 1040 years of history eventually on the default parameters the system will slow WAY down and seem to stop or become unresponsive. On 32 bit memory allocation it'll crash from lack of memory in the end.

The problem is the Werebeast Curse. It's infection method causes a growth rate of events and creatures that eventually becomes impossible for the current generator to handle.
Create a world with a long history or any number past about 300 years in a custom profile and you'll watch the generator grind to a near halt. If you change the werebeast curse parameter to 0 the world will slow down after an initial burst then stay stable for the rest of the generation.

Vampirism does not exhibit a noticeable impact because it does not grow exponentially (or in theory even more). Continued for 1000 years it ends up being a lot of werewolves not to mention all the processing all the material surrounding the attacks.
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