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0005363: Artifact Cage Exists in Two Places After Reclaim
I lost a fortress with an artifact cage built. When I reclaimed the fortress the cage was still built but was not an artifact. An artifact version (a turkey bone cage) was found later and put into a stockpile. The artifact version cannot be built, but when a creature was placed into the built, non-artifact version, this creature also appeared in the artifact version which was sitting in the stockpile.

This is probably a part of the general artifact reclaim weirdness but I thought I would report it anyway.
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After posting this, I found that I could in fact build the artifact cage from the stockpile, although I had not been able to before I placed a creature in the other version. Now I have two built cages containing the same creature and I am being spammed by messages about not being able to move it because I don't have a trap.

Edit: And further, once I unbuilt both cages, one vanished. Specifically, the non-artifact version vanished.

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Probably a manifestation of 0005199.
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And probably also the one regarding being able to sell artifacts on reclaim. It may be creating the true artifact scattered somewhere, and leaving a non-artifact copy in a bin. In other words, artifacts that shouldn't be able to be scattered are scattering but also staying put. This results in duplicates and weirdness.
2012-08-30 19:47   
As I described in 0001179, artifacts stored in bins seem to get glitched during reclaim (or perhaps when they're offloaded during abandon/defeat) - the bin has a reference to the contained artifact, but the artifact is missing its link to the bin in which it is contained.

This case is probably similar - the building still has a reference to the artifact as a building material, but the cage itself doesn't have a reference pointing back to the building.