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0005458Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Flowspublic2012-02-26 07:312015-12-01 19:51
0005458: Flows push creatures and dwarves through wall grates
If a water flow pushes a dwarf against a wall grate, the dwarf will go through the wall grate as if it wasn't there but can't path back out the same way.
Make a small swimming pool with a wall grate and a dwarf, drain the pool such that a flow will push the dwarf against the wall grate (doesn't require a full 7/7 water level), the dwarf winds up on the other side of the grate.
Fixed in 0.42.01?
related to 0003327new  Creatures can pathfind, move and get flow-pushed through submerged fortifications 
has duplicate 0003131resolved Footkerchief Forgotten Beast occupies same tile as tree in water, cannot be shot 
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0003131 suggests that this may happen with trees too.