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0005595: Undead dwarf contracted were-chameleon curse.
I had a were-chameleon visit my fort located in a terrifying biome where the dead would rise. It killed a few of the zombie dwarvess running around on the surface, reverted to it's natural snake-woman form, attempted to leave, and then was torn to pieces.

Shortly after, I received a message about "Urist's Corpse has transformed into a were-chameleon". I went to look, and sure enough, one of the dwarven zombies has turned into a were-chameleon, standing next to the were-chameleon snake-woman's (still dead) corpse. Said Werebeastie then took apart a few of the nearby zombies before reverting back to zombie form. A while later, Urist has been joined by a few other dwarven zombies in the were-chameleon party (including the original were-chameleon). Each cycle slowly adds some more to the infected zombie collection.

While kinda cool, the undead probably shouldn't be able to contract lycanthropy.
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Technically, the game forbids undead creatures from becoming werebeasts (i.e. by being bitten by another one), but it does not appear to forbid dead werebeasts from being reanimated as zombies.
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Undead are definately contracting the lycanthropy - every month the undead which have been infected are turning into werebeasts, attacking the nearby undead, and then any of the remaining werebeasts which remain at the end of the cycle revert to being undead.

This is also having the side effect of cloning any partial corpses which get infected - if a creature is torn apart by a were-zombie, all of the pieces will rise as a zombie, and then at the "lunar event" all of the pieces will go wereform, creating full werecreatures.

After less than an in-game year, the lunar cycle is now triggering 3+ pages of "blah has turned into a werechameleon", as every cycle the werebeasts will kill + infect more of the undead roaming my map. It doesnt matter whether the weres survive their attacks on the other undead, as they all just become undead afterwards.

2012-03-14 13:55   
Werebeast vs atom smasher, at 5!
2012-03-14 22:46   
Would you upload a zipped save file for this at this website:
http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]

This sounds like an interesting bug/feature, but I think it is probably unintended and may cause a humongous FPS crushing lag eventually.