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Toady One 
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0005644: Some mannerism strings have static male pronouns that cause gender mismatches
I did not experience this myself but saw it in a screenshot of a Let's Play going on at the current time. I am unsure of the exact version, but have reason to believe it is the version that is current at the time of this report.

The exact sentence seen in the description of the social attributes of a female dwarf was:

"She lowers her eyes when he's annoyed."

It is likely that the "he" in that sentence should actually be a "she".
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We're going to need a little more evidence. Where's the thread and screenshot you're talking about?
2012-03-19 07:04   
I found some stuff in the string dump:

 repeatedly when he's angry
 usually starts tapping
 constantly when
 when there's a lull in conversation
has a habit of tapping
 when he's angry
 when he's trying to remember something
 when he's nervous
often lowers
 when he's thinking
When he is speaking,
 usually lowers
 when he's annoyed

There are no female versions of those.