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0005684: Throwing ammunition is far too effective in adventure mode
As a legendary thrower, I can throw arrows from a long range and routinely chip bones, pierce hearts, and pierce skulls and brains. This makes arrows much more effective than stones as thrown weapons. People on the forums are actually bragging (http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=87569.0 [^]) about how they don't use launchers (bows and crossbows) in adventure mode, because throwing is at least as effective as a way of using ammo. Besides, with throwing, you don't have to switch weapons.

This should not be the case. Even a legendary thrower should not be able to get the speed necessary to make thrown arrows more than a mildly dangerous nuisance for the target. Thrown rocks and spears should be dangerous, not so much for their speed as their mass, but true ammo should require a launcher to be effective.
1) Increase throwing skill to legendary (may not even be necessary).
2) Throw arrows at someone.
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related to 0005516resolved Toady One Absurdly Powerful Bolts/Arrows 
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