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0005696Dwarf FortressArenapublic2012-03-24 06:282014-08-10 07:41
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Windows XP SP3
0005696: Strange gaps in report texts
When viewing reports, sometimes in arena mode, some text will vanish in gaps. This usually appears during reports of long battles, such as when one combatant is a disturbed dead (mummy) or a dragon. Occasionally the text will flicker.

The problem will eventually spread to the (r)eport menu and (v)iewing combatants with all three sections visible will result in a black area from the center panel protruding into the overview panel.
1. In Arena Mode create a dragon mummy, a dwarf necromancer and something else, all on different sides.
2. Wait and watch. The problems start when the dragon breathes fire.
3. Scan reports until the gaps appear.
Graphics modded with phoebus, magnut and the rest.
0.34.05, Arena Mode, dragonfire, reports, reproducible
related to 0005097assigned Baughn Names overwriting text with TrueType 
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Screenshots of the two problems: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/68965507/problem01.jpg [^] , http://dl.dropbox.com/u/68965507/problem02.jpg [^]

2012-03-24 07:39   
Only occurs with TrueType, right?
2012-03-24 10:55   
Yes, turning it off solved it. Go fig.
2012-06-07 07:23   
FYI - You can use F12 to toggle TrueType fonts on and off, which usually helps with getting around this problem. Still, it's use-once-per-problem workaround, not a fix.
2013-07-18 04:05   
Resizing the window usually works for me - F12 does not seem to affect this.
2014-08-10 06:04   
F10 clears it up for a few seconds until you do something. is there a planned fix for this? it's really terrible sometimes making things unreadable. Having to constantly mash a key isn't much of a fix for it.
2014-08-10 07:41   
crossmr: only occurs with TrueType?