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0005709Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handlingpublic2012-03-26 03:362019-11-13 21:51
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0005709: If an animal gets stuck on an inpassable square of a workshop, a dwarf can get stuck trying to haul the animal away
I had a pasture over top of a farmers workshop and a large number of animals where standing on it due to milking them all. A couple animals started fighting and one dodged onto the northern impassable square of the workshop and stayed there. When it was that animals turn to get milked my milker stood next to it and tried to haul the animal away. This resulted in a constant stream of animal hauling cancellations "Urst McMilker cancels haul animal, animal inaccessible" x infinity . This causes the dwarf to keep trying constantly and will cancel other jobs if it gets any. Removing the dwarfs hauling labors made no difference. The only way to cancel this endless loop is to deconstruct the workshop, however in this case the milker kept taking the deconstruct workshop job because it was next to it and immediately canceling it, constantly. So I had to remove the dwarfs farming related labors and have someone else take the deconstruct workshop job. After it was deconstructed everything was fine and the animal was hauled away.
Make a pasture on top of a farmers workshop and assign a lot of milkable animals to it. The animals may start fighting and one may dodge onto an impassable square of the workshop. Try to milk the animal that is stuck on the workshop. The animal hauling dwarf may get stuck trying to haul the animal and start an endless loop of job cancellations.
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v0.44.12: Zippy posted a save in 0011173:

https://www.mediafire.com/file/6s885mwtujv4in8/Nelfor.rar/file [^]
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v0.42.06: Button posted a save in 0009658 where removing the workshop was unsuccessful because the dwarf stuck in the animal handling loop kept canceling the removal job:

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