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0005764: Vaporized dwarf's !!clothing!! is still on my stocks list after years submerged in magma.
I tapped the volcano with an expandable hauler who apparently didn't manage to outrun the advancing magma because he went missing and eventually returned as a ghost.

On my stocks screen there are several items of burning clothing showing up on the stocks screen and when I zoom to them, the game takes me to the magma tunnel supplying my forges. I can't see the clothing using 'k'. It has been two or three years since he died.

Worn clothing that I dump in the magma disappears almost instantly, as far as I can tell. I've had two other dwarfs in this fort die in magma and their clothes no longer exist.
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duplicate of 0005893resolved Footkerchief Magma occasionally fails to destroy utterly flammable items, see description and save for list 
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