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Toady One 
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0005782: Crundles lack [CHILD] tag, eggs don't hatch
What I was trying to do was get crundles to breed. I have caught a bunch in the caverns, and tamed them. Afterwards, I made several attempts at making them breed.

Set up some nestboxes in the meeting area, while removing crundle eggs from all food stockpiles. Female crundles did occupy and lay eggs. Then they sat on them for several seasons with no hatching. Some research in the matter brought the suggestion that trampled eggs may go infertile, and trainers reinforce training by standing on the same tile.

I set up a separate room with a locked door and nestboxes, made a pasture there, and put all my crundles there. The females laid eggs, and sat on them for several seasons with no hatching. I speculated this was because the males were trampling them.

I made 3x3 rooms with nestboxes in, and put one female in each one, then locked the doors. The females eventually laid eggs and sat on them, but even though they sat on them long enough to lose domestication completely (starting at +trained+), no hatching occurred.

Which leads me to believe: something is wrong. I do not know what.
1. Get crundles.
2. Try to make the females hatch eggs.
3. Fail.

The save is made just after the first crundlehen went completely wild. Navigate to the second level of the fort, the nests are a bit south of the meeting room.
Save: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=6122 [^]
Probable Quick Fix
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In prior versions, Exotic creatures would not breed unless the dungeon master was present - perhaps that behavior was not properly disabled when the dungeon master was removed in v0.34.06...

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crundles lack a [child] tag, so while they will lay eggs, nothing will ever hatch from them. To fix this (until toady fixes it in the raws himself), you can add [CHILD:1] to their raws yourself. this will work without re-genning, just save/quit DF, add it, and start again
2012-04-09 01:56   
Wow, thank you! I'll see if this works later.
Toady One   
2014-07-23 14:28   
I went ahead and allowed egg-layers to have viable eggs without having a baby/child state.
2014-07-23 14:49   
Springing forth fully formed? Excellent.