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0005791: Jailed dwarves not cancelling jobs
I had a major crime wave, caused when a mayor forbade the exportation of hoods after the traders had already packed up to leave. A large number of criminals were dragged off to jail at the same time (I have a 10-dwarf guard squad) and locked in chains.

A wood cutter on his way to cut a tree was still trying to cut the tree after being chained up. Removing the cut tree designation fixed this.

A miner on his way to pick up a troll fur cloak was still trying to go pick up the cloak. Forbidding the cloak did not fix this. The miner was standing still getting thirsty even though drinks were in reach. The chain was deconstructed, and the miner still did not move. After a guardsman beat him for not being in jail, he was fixed.
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duplicate of 0005436new  Beaten criminal keeps job designation, doesn't move on 
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