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Toady One 
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0005844: Complaints about lack of jails don't happen properly
The Sheriff is supposed to get an unhappy thought if you don't have enough jails, but it doesn't seem to happen reliably. Closer inspection suggests that it's requiring a particular counter (0000008, where ALCOHOLIC is 0000013) to be present in order for the thought to happen, even though other thoughts use said counter in the opposite manner (where it being present will prevent the thought from happening, most notably with complaints about poor room quality).

As such, it looks like the Sheriff will only get unhappy about a lack of jails if he arrived as a migrant within the past 3 months.
This was originally observed while digging through the code for version (the final 2D release), and it still seems to be present in version 0.34.07. In past versions, this same bug also affected the unhappy thoughts about a lack of fortress guards or royal guards.
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