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0005854Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Diplomacypublic2012-04-30 19:132015-12-02 13:42
Toady One 
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0005854: Diplomats don't bring bodyguards
Back in the old 2D versions of Dwarf Fortress, Human diplomats were escorted by a pair of swordsmen, and this behavior was linked to their [PLAINS_SETTLEMENTS] raw token. In version, this behavior was split off to the [DIPLOMAT_BODYGUARDS] token, but at least since it hasn't actually done anything - Human diplomats always arrived alone and unprotected.

In an effort to track down this problem, I located the code for diplomat arrival in 0.34.07 and the check against [DIPLOMAT_BODYGUARDS], and I've determined why it's not working: the game builds a list of valid military professions and then checks whether or not that list is empty before proceeding to create the bodyguards, but the condition is backwards, so it only proceeds if the list is empty (rather than non-empty).

The following binary patch fixes this bug in Win32 v0.34.07 SDL:
00476328 : 85 -> 84
binary patch
related to 0005098resolved Toady One "Friendly" migrants with Trader profession act like on-the-job merchants 
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Interestingly, when the diplomat bodyguards do arrive, they show up as "Merchant" in the Units screen if a caravan is present and "Friendly" if no caravan is present, exactly the same as with caravan guards.

2012-06-07 06:15   
Updated patch for Win32 v0.34.11 SDL:
0493E28 : 85 -> 84