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0005871Dwarf FortressFlowspublic2012-05-12 07:052014-10-08 01:48
0005871: Unflowing magma doesn't radiate heat to water/ice directly above/below it
Magma/lava normally heats any adjacent tiles to temperature of 10075 U.

This doesn't work with water and still magma.
Any flow in the magma will heat water normally.

For example, having a full magma reserve underneath a frozen river will not thaw the river nor stop it from freezing.
Have water above/below unflowing magma, separated by floor.
Observe water temperature.
Make the magma flow by adding or removing some.
Observe water temperature again.

(This can be easily tested with DFHack's tiletypes, liquids and probe utilies.)
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has duplicate 0001786resolved Footkerchief Magma doesn't keep melted ice liquid. 
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http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9877 [^]

This save file has a water cistern over a room filled with 2/7 depth lava with one 3/7 depth tile (see East side of map). During winter the water repeatedly freezes into ice. Then it melts one tile at a time as the 3/7 depth lava wanders around underneath.