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0005947Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2012-05-24 07:172012-05-24 09:45
highmajorhave not tried
0005947: no 'recover wounded' job for injured, conscious dwarf
this is exactly the same bug as 0002437, still present in 34.10 - it hasnt been resolved.

new fort, made in 34.08, updated to both .09 and .10 (issue was apparently fixed in 31.08), but same bug.

dwarf with a fractured lower spine ('ability to stand lost' in health screen (and 'diagnosis required')) has not been unconscious, so no 'recover wounded' job has been made. he's just sat in the fields with 'no job'. there is no 'recover wounded' in the [J]obs screen, so not a case of 'all haulers are too busy', and everyone basically just walks passed him - they go and pick up the more important 'troll fur sock' next to him.
have someone injured, but not unconscious. mine was injured during a seige.
this is probably something simple like; as he's not unconscious, dwarves think he's able to get to the hospital under his own steam - as he would if he'd just cut his hand, for example. perhaps it just needs something like an 'ability to stand lost/impaired' generates a 'recover wounded' job automatically (nomatter if they're unconscious or not). or, say, spinal (and leg, and foot) injuries generate a 'recover wounded' job - something like that.

also, i've always thought the 'recover wounded' jobs, even when working properly, were always very low priority. couldnt you increase it's priority anyway, so much so that dwarves doing other things nearby (picking up the remnants of a seige for example) stop what they're doing and help their comrades? even having a stronger dwarf take over the job from a weak one assigned the task? probably too much hastle than it's worth, but having it as a very high priority seems to make sense - it would be a heartless dwarf to repeatedly ignore the screams of an injured friend, family member, etc
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duplicate of 0004850new  Injured Dwarves who are unable to stand are not recovered unless unconscious 
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