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0005948Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2012-05-24 11:302012-05-27 18:24
Toady One 
0005948: Detaching container from a Store In Bin/Barrel job causes crash in combining code.
When the target container used in a new-style batch Store In Bin/Barrel job is removed, it causes a crash in the code used to detect if an item can be combined into an already existing job.
Ensure there are many pending items to store that suddenly get the opportunity; wait until a suitable combined job is in progress, and forbid the container. As soon as the code tries to stockpile another item, it will crash.
When the container is forbidden, it is immediately removed from the job; but the job itself only gets a flag set, and would be cancelled at a later point. Meanwhile, the loop that searches for a suitable job to combine into does not check this flag, and assumes there always is a container item attached. When it fails to find an item reference of type 2, it crashes trying to access a NULL pointer.

This explains the crash mentioned in bug 0005937.
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Unless I'm misunderstanding something, this is a duplicate of 0005937. If you find information that explains an existing report, it's more helpful to post that information at the existing report than to create a new report.