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0005963Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Main Viewpublic2012-05-28 08:412014-07-14 11:16
0005963: Wheelbarrows that are being pushed take color from ground spatters/items if any are present
Nothing more to add.
1. Get some colorful blood/vomit/ichor on the ground.
2. Have haulers move wheelbarrows over the area.
3. Observe the wheelbarrow color.
PRINT_MODE is VBO. It probably doesn't matter, though.

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related to 0000167confirmed Footkerchief Spatter changes color of unfinished buildings/constructions 
has duplicate 0007268resolved Footkerchief Hauled Wheelbarrow displayed under objects on ground. 
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2012-11-27 20:10   
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I have stockpile tiles with wheelbarrows on them and other items not displaying actual top item on that tiles.
Example. This tile:
alder wheelbarrow
maple logs
Wood Stockpile 7
sandy clay Cavern Floor
shows maple logs on top. Have an opposite example, where second-top wheelbarrow is displayed as top item.
With it completely stops hauling to, and possibly from, affected stockpiles.