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0006048Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpilespublic2012-06-21 12:102015-03-02 12:07
0006048: 'give to workshop' includes random junk items dropped on stockpile
The new 'give to workshop' functionality does not check if objects actually belong to the stockpile, it only checks if the object is on a stockpile square.

Combined with dwarfs' sloppy habit of dropping used clothing and whatever everywhere, this makes item improvements very unreliable, leading into jewel-encrusted tattered troll fur socks and other such unwanted items.
Have a stockpile of rock crafts and a stockpile of gems.

Build a jeweler's shop.

Make rock craft and gem stockpiles give to the workshop.

Dump a pile of old socks or something onto either stockpile. Make sure there's no stockpile space for them anywhere so they don't get moved.

Watch the pile of jewel-encrusted dirty socks grow.

Unwanted, unmovable, improvable items end up into random stockpiles frequently due to haulers claiming new clothes right after moving something. Craftsdorks however don't check condition or ownership when picking up stuff to improve.

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2015-03-02 10:44   
This is probably because everything on a stockpile is considered in the stockpile, even if it was dumped there/fell there/etc. This probably won't change for a long time; fixing the clothing would probably be easier. Maybe.
2015-03-02 12:07   
On the other hand other contraptions work on this "what is in area of stockpile is in stockpile, whatever way that item used to get there" rule.

Maybe give-to links could check for items that are allowed to given stockpile instead of just looking what is in there. If you want a stockpile the old way you allow all items there, set it to only-from-links and don't add any links. Then you can just dump items there or drop them from above.