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0000609Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2010-04-06 05:402014-01-27 10:51
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0000609: newly produced plant fiber sock designated for melting
No idea how or why, but they want to melt my sock. I cannot un-designate it because you can't tell the dwarves to melt or not melt objects that aren't metal.
no idea
Note from Foot: according to derigo's note (0000629:0003433), the sock-melting thing may in fact be causing a crash
designate, melt, sock
duplicate of 0001046closed Toady One Melting item produces hard crash. 
has duplicate 0000629closed Footkerchief Crash from socks designated for melting 
has duplicate 0001361closed Footkerchief Freshly produced stone items randomly marked for Melting 
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2010-04-06 05:42   
Upon further investigation, i have also found some freshly produced plant fiber cloth designated for melting.
2010-04-06 09:09   
uploaded a save containing these socks for unrelated reasons (probably). Careful when looking, the game will crash after a bit for unknown reasons (which is the real reason this was uploaded).

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2009 [^]
2010-04-07 22:23   
I'm 60 dwarves deep in a fortress on a completely different world, and I just noticed more melt designated socks. Anybody else getting this? it's bizarre.
2010-04-07 23:24   
if only you actually COULD melt the socks... that would be grand. Wish I had some idea what's going on, but this one is a complete mystery to me.
2010-04-11 19:08   
(edited on: 2010-04-11 19:09)
I'm having it happen with various steel items, m'self.

Bit of a nuisance when it targets masterwork items, especially as I'm in the middle of melting down a couple hundred steel leggings.

It's not consistent, though; which items get targeted is terribly random and spotty. Haven't seen any particular pattern to it, so far.

You should be able to clear the melt designation by ordering the items dumped, then clearing the dump order. It overwrites the melt order.

2010-04-11 23:35   
I have this problem with a barrel. Message me if the save is needed
2010-04-11 23:47   
This may be linked with 0000126. It is a stocks menu crash, can we confirm that anyone who has wrongly designate melt items crashes when viewing "globs" in the stocks menu?
2010-04-12 02:35   
There is no crash when viewing 'globs' on the stock menu for me, in either of the games where this has happened. I have a bunch of tallow. On the other hand, both of the saved games I have this on are unstable and crash after a minute due to unknown causes (but thats its own bug report).

As a side note, I would like to mention that like Frumple, I have a pretty solid melting of iron leggings operation going, (and iron corkscrews for that matter). Gotta train those smiths somehow. Perhaps when designating things to be melted, other things are erroneously designated as well?
2010-04-26 03:31   
(edited on: 2010-04-26 04:40)
I haven't noticed this bug report and made a duplicate here: 0001361.

For me it was stone furniture and mechanisms which were designated for melting.

Bryan Derksen   
2010-04-27 21:27   
I've just had my dwarfs create an artifact gold flask worth 75,000 that's designated for melting. I hope they don't actually follow through on that.
Toady One   
2010-05-22 07:25   
This was probably caused by the same thing that causes the (fixed for 0.31.05) melt crash, but I can't be 100% sure. I'll let this sit for some versions and we can close it later if it never comes back.
2010-05-22 07:42   
2010-06-08 08:50   
I've been melting down a lot of stuff in 31.05, and haven't yet seen any new melt designations pop up on items I didn't designate after playing for a few years. For comparison, in 31.04 it would happen every minute or so while melting stuff.
2010-06-08 14:55   
Lot of successful melts here too on .05, without problems, so so far so good from this end.
2014-01-27 10:51   
Assuming duplicate of 0001046.