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0006202Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Reactionspublic2012-09-18 10:052016-05-22 08:48
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0006202: Adventurer Reactions don't work with contained items
If you take a reaction which uses reagents within containers and try to use them in Adventurer mode, the user interface will prompt you for both the container and the contained item, which prevents it from working.


    [NAME:make barrel and jug]

    [NAME:fill jug with honey]

    [NAME:make mead in Adventurer mode]
    [REAGENT:honey container:1:NONE:NONE:NONE:NONE]
        [FOOD_STORAGE_CONTAINER] barrel or any non-absorbing tool with FOOD_STORAGE

"select honey (Unrotten honey bee honey, 150 left, consumed)" -> "No available item."
adventure mode, liquids, powders, reactions
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2016-05-20 18:14   
Old bug is old. This is why I added a tool for faked flour to Adventurecraft, as powders are also unusable.
2016-05-21 01:57   
Dwarfu, is there a reason that you removed the tag I attached? Because this bug is indeed one that has been around for a while. >.>
2016-05-21 17:24   
Probably because the term "long-standing" is fairly arbitrary - I personally use it to refer to things that date back to 40d or earlier.
2016-05-21 20:15   
Hmm. Would need a better term for specifying bugs that are older than DF2014 that are confirmed to be present.
2016-05-21 20:36   
Reminder sent to: chaosvolt

Again, there's no need to chatter in a bug report. The date of the report infers the length of time it has been open against whatever cut-off you deem to be "long-standing"...it is an unnecessary tag. All bugs are assumed to be open if they aren't resolved. You'd only need to alert a manager if the bug is open but doesn't seem to be valid any longer. There's no need to "bump" old reports.
2016-05-22 08:48   
Very well then, it is an insufficient tag as well as not needed. Though I'm unsure about the idea of "bumping" old reports being entirely unnecessary, as there are bugs that go effectively forgotten even if they're of the quick-fix variety.