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0006217Dwarf FortressContaminants/Spatterpublic2012-10-03 14:562014-02-12 23:29
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0006217: Fixed-temperature contaminants do not heat up body parts?
In Arena mode, I used a custom reaction to make some blocks made of "rock" (INORGANIC:NONE), and its fixed temperature caused it to instantly melt and turn into a "magma covering" on my right hand. Despite it being rather hot, it does not burn my hand (and it does not cool down).

Memory analysis using DFHack confirms that the spatter on hand has a temperature of 12000 and that all of my body parts still have their usual temperature of 10067 even after walking around for a while.


    [NAME:make magma blocks]

Create blocks, take a step.
There's also the rather strange fact that I can drink the "magma" contaminant off of my hand...
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