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Toady One 
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0006218: Small stacks of coins can be placed into non-containers
The effective volume of a COIN object is 1/16th its stack size, and this volume is used to determine whether or not it will fit into a container. Thus, any stack of less than 16 coins will have a volume of zero and can be placed into any other object regardless of its capacity, even if said object isn't a container at all.
1. Get some coins.
2. Split them into varying stack sizes.
3. Attempt to put a stack of less than 16 coins into a container, observing that non-containers are listed as valid destinations.
4. Be puzzled as to how your adventurer somehow managed to insert a dozen coins into a spear...
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has duplicate 0008066resolved Footkerchief Sometimes you are able to 'p'ut coins in any other item. 
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Additionally, any coin stack that small is also weightless; this may explain 0005267.