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0006304Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Viewpublic2013-04-09 16:142014-04-19 09:35
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0006304: Falling creatures are temporarily unviewable
If a unit is falling down a single z-level, then at the moment its glyph vanishes from the upper level, it is of course no longer viewable (with "v") when your screen is at that v-level. However, it is also not viewable on the lower level, even though its glyph is there. It's apparently impossible to select it with "v" until a frame or two after it hits the ground (on the other hand, "k" correctly shows that the unit is in that spot, but of course doesn't give detailed unit data).
The times I've seen this, it was due to the units falling into water, either from dodging or from being rushed and knocked backwards. I haven't tested to see whether this happens in non-water situations. I also haven't checked what happens if a unit is falling more than one z-level.

Since ground impact happens so quickly, it's necessary to single-step through to notice this.
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has duplicate 0007397resolved Footkerchief Falling unit can not be selected with 'v' key 
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The issue is that units cannot be viewed when they are projectiles (i.e. teal background), and I'm pretty sure this has been the case in every version of DF ever released.
2014-04-18 08:45   
From the k menu, you can still access details like the health screen. Also, using the 'u'nit menu and zoom to creature points you at the correct square, even if the dwarf is hidden by dust.
2014-04-19 09:35   
Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is intended for now.