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Knight Otu 
0006313: Removing any floor bordering a stockpile causes stockpile to empty.
I was trying to build a structure over the gap where some rivers meet, out of green glass. Eventually, I used the platform I had produced to hold a food stockpile. I needed to rearrange the floor bordering the stockpile into some upward stairs, but didn't want to lose the green glass, so started building under it (was going to be doing so at some point anyway), so may as well use it to catch the falling bars). As soon as the floor tile bordering the stockpile was removed, however, everything in the pile disappeared. I at first thought 'oh shoot, I thought I had made sure there could be no cave-ins there'... but it wasn't a cave-in. The floor was still there. It was merely everything in the stockpile that was gone (and all tasks associated with the items then failed because the 'item was misplaced'). I wondered what was going on, but my dwarves quickly put a few more items in the stockpile, while I checked far below in the river in case they had somehow fallen through the blocks (which it did not)... and then I got to see it: just as the next two blocks were removed, each time everything in the pile was destroyed - disappeared forever. Finally, I did an experiment. I waited, and designated another tile adjacent to the stockpile for removal (albeit at a 45* angle from a corner of the stockpile). It worked: the stockpile emptied, and all tasks associated with all the items that disappeared failed. It's a nice reproducible bug.
I haven't tried it in other circumstances, but the specifics are provided in the description: have a structure, have a stockpile on the structure, then remove a floor tile (that's all I tried) directly next to the stockpile. It should reproduce nicely. This was in the open, by the way, in case it matters, not inside. As mentioned, all of the structure was entirely green glass, though I doubt that matters for reproducibility (but haven't tested it).
I have the save file. I'll make sure not to touch it. E-mail me if you would like me to send it to you (or post below: I might check this bug report).
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duplicate of 0005994resolved Toady One Destroying a construction teleports nearby items 
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Knight Otu   
2013-05-05 00:59   
Reminder sent to: Pickerel

This sounds a lot like 0005994. Can you make absolutely sure that the items are destroyed rather than teleported? Either way, please upload the save to the DFFD ( http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] ) and post a link either here, or in the other issue if the items happen to be teleported.
2013-05-07 13:50   
Oh! You were quite right: when I searched for the items specifically, it took a while to figure out what was going on, but it turns out they were indeed being transported. To figure it out, I forbid all the items so their color could act as a beacon in claim mode, then did the thing. They seem to be transported to right next to the tile that was removed.
2013-05-07 13:59   
I'de do as you say and post a DFFD entry, but I think the file I need to post is the world.sav file which it says is not a valid file format. You're going to have to teach me how to do this, methinks...
Knight Otu   
2013-05-08 05:08   
You need to zip up the whole regionX folder. World.sav alone isn't enough. Anyway, since it is a duplicate, I'm resolving this one for the older issue. Thanks for the update!