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Knight Otu 
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0006366: Deconstructed wall materials vanishing
Was dissatisfied with the travel distances involved for a single dwarf in hauling obsidian blocks to the site of my 10x10 drawbridge, so decided to make a stockpile right next to it with only obsidian blocks enabled. After a while I noticed the stockpile was still empty, so I tried a different tack - ordering the dwarves to build 26 tiles worth of obsidian block walls at the site of the future bridge, and then ordering them to remove the constructions.

After each of the wall sections was removed, I got a job cancellation message, saying the item had been misplaced; I confirmed seeing the obsidian blocks appearing where they were supposed to, but they vanished - I don't *think* they were destroyed, but it's hard to say.
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duplicate of 0005994resolved Toady One Destroying a construction teleports nearby items 
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...been a while - forgotten how to attach files. Have the region folder zipped up and ready to attach once I figure it out, though.

Ah, here we are:
http://dffd.wimbli.com/download.php?id=7894&f=region1zipped.zip [^]

Knight Otu   
2013-08-12 04:37   
This is a duplicate of 5994. The obsidian blocks were all in a single tile, presumably the last wall tile.