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0006459Dwarf FortressContaminants/Spatterpublic2014-03-20 03:172014-03-20 08:08
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0006459: blood/contaminant on lost body part leads to repeated "clean self" tasks
One fine Autumn day "Soapy" the dwarf was tidying up the outdoor trap corridor, which had become quite messy after some mischievous goblins had taken a ride on the exceptional-quality serrated steel discs, when a little bird flew by -- and by little bird I mean a giant sparrow. The bird was evidently addled with hunger, as it bit off Soapy's left foot in one bite then blundered into a nearby cage trap.

Soapy was rushed to the hospital, where the chief medical dwarf decided that it was a clean cut and nothing more need to be done than to bring her a crutch. Not one to loaf around in bed, Soapy immediately wandered off to take a bath. Meanwhile the giant sparrow was taught some manners, and feeling remorse for its actions, coughed up Soapy's foot.

It is now late Winter and I've noticed that Soapy has become obsessed with bathing. As the linked save file shows, she has taken a soapy bath recently enough to have thoughts about it, and is about to have another one. The cause seems to be goblin blood that she picked up on her missing foot while cleaning out the traps -- she's trying to clean it off but can't because it isn't there.
save file: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=8486 [^]
blood, body part, clean self, contaminant
duplicate of 0002222resolved Toady One Dwarf tries to clean missing body part 
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Duplicate of 0002222 - next time, please use the Search function before reporting bugs.
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Thanks Quietust, and thankns eidako for uploading a save!