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0000654Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2010-04-06 13:452014-01-17 10:39
Toady One 
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0000654: Phantom spider bites do nothing?
While looking through the raws, I noticed that phantom spider venom (creature_other.txt) does not appear to cause a syndrome (unless a default syndrome is applied in such a case).

In v0.28.181.40d, phantom spider bites caused temporary paralysis.
Embark in an evil forest containing phantom spiders, find a phantom spider, station some dwarves around it, then wait until somebody gets bitten.
Probable Quick Fix, raw file
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2010-06-15 17:05   
Given that phantom spider bites caused paralysis, and complete paralysis for more than a few seconds is kinda fatal, it's possible he intentionally left the syndrome out until venom gets worked on more.

Or maybe Toady just forgot about phantom spiders, I wouldn't know.